A limited collection of state of the art serviced residences. No reason to have such a long intro.

Raising the standards
The project combines the world best practices in quality construction and with high-end technology, dominating the market with its unique combination of well-thought features to satisfy the covet of any demanding buyer.

The lasting quality is not a luxury. It is our norm.

Inspired by the historical examples of simple yet graceful stone mansions and castles that have witnessed many centuries, the exterior of the Park Tower is to endure decades. Low maintenance choice with a spark to the elegance and aim to add sustainability and durability.
Wood-aluminium windows produced in Germany at the highest standards of energy efficiency, noise control, burglar and fire resistance.
Ventilation and air-conditioning solutions made to excellence with innovative technology that uniformly distributes cool air in all directions, so you will enjoy even comfort cooling throughout the entire room.

Park Tower in numbers

A limited collection of exclusive serviced residences is specially designed to balance the number of the flats and its space distribution to the maximum comfort and usability of its capacity.
parking spaces per residence
5 min walk to the beach
The sea is only 350 m away from the Park Tower.
Enjoy a picturesque walk through a beautifully landscape territory of Parklane Resort&SPA, or request a buggy service to make things even easier.
advantage that no one else has
Residents of the Park Tower obtain a lifetime access to all the amenities of the Parklane Hotel, Limassol and receive premium services at any time they desire
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